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Jessica’s on the ball – thanks to sponsorship deal

When Biker Group heard about the talented daughter of one of their employees they immediately offered to sponsor her after she signed for Leeds United junior women’s team.

Jessica was snapped up by Leeds after they spotted her playing for Bedale Bluebirds in a cup final.

The teenager defender, who plays for their under-18 team even though she is just 15, dreams of winning a scholarship to a USA university, where she can combine football with her studies.

The youngster, from Bainbridge, is a Year 11 pupil at Wensleydale School and Sixth Form in Leyburn.

Jessica, whose dad is a joiner at Biker Group, said: “I really enjoy playing football and may want to make a career of it in the professional women’s game. I would love to gain a sponsorship to the USA, where I could also study.

“The sponsorship from Biker Group has been so important and has been a huge boost.”

Biker Group, a multi-faceted business based in Leyburn, covers the £250 cost of Jessica’s fees for the season – just one of a number of sports related sponsorships the family-owned firm supports in excess of over £3,000 a year.

Richmondshire Cricket Club under 17’s, Leyburn United FC and the Wensleydale Evening  Cricket League are among the local teams and leagues to benefit from Biker Group’s generosity.

Director Matthew Biker said: “Profits are important for any successful business but, as the largest employer in our community, we see our business as being responsible for more than that.

“We actively support a number of local sports team, organisations and community projects that many of our employees and clients and their families are involved in and we also support a lot of charities. We want to be part of the local community and give something back as we employ many people from the area.

“Myself and my two brothers have close connections with Richmondshire Cricket Club as we all played for them over the years. My father was always interested in local grassroots football so has sponsored Leyburn United for a number of years. Darren is a valuable member of our joinery division so we wanted to support his talented daughter’s ambitions”.

Biker Group provides a diverse range of services to the construction industry, including haulage, ground works, bespoke joinery, construction, waste management and concrete.


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