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Biker Group unveils the UK’s first specialist Keith walking floor rigid HGV

Biker Group is proud to reveal the introduction of a brand new innovative truck to an already impressive modern fleet.

From February 2017, Biker Group’s highly equipped haulage division will be able to depend on an impressive new addition that will yield numerous benefits.


Biker Walking Floor HGV


On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Before showcasing the benefits, Biker Group can proudly reveal that the haulage truck has been named “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. At Biker Group, there is a theme of naming every truck after James Bond films or characters.

In this case, inspiration was drawn from the 1969 James Bond Film that starred George Lazenby as 007. As will be explained, the new HGV truck with a walking floor can offer enough benefits to rival the finest Bond gadgets that Q ever crafted.

Front walking HGV Rear Biker Walking HVG


A multitasking HGV

Understandably, everyone at Biker Group gets excited by the arrival of a new haulage truck, but the latest addition is extra special. “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ is the first-ever specialist steel plank walking floor rigid HGV to be imported to and used in the UK. This is a truly impressive accolade for Biker Group’s Haulage team and we are all delighted that Volvo UK, Wilcox & Keith Manufacturing helped in making this possible.

The primary use for this new Volvo FM specialist walking floor HGV will be to capitalise on its versatility and deliver surface chippings for the purposes of road resurfacing across the North East and Yorkshire. Whilst tar work and road resurfacing projects will be the truck’s main body of work, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” will also assist in hauling aggregates from quarries to concrete and asphalt plants.


How a walking floor works

A specialist walking floor on a rigid body represents a pivotal innovation within the haulage industry. Not only because they eliminate the risks associated with the tipping of the body but also the increased versatility and capabilities an HGV now has.

The moving floor is divided into a number of steel slats of which every third slat is interconnected. A hydraulic drive powers the slats which in return moves the floor short distances forwards and backwards. When all the slats move at the same time, the load will move in the same direction as the floor’s movements and the contents of the load will be delivered. A load can be discharged in 2 minutes and 40 seconds.


The benefits of not tipping

Health and safety is of the utmost importance throughout Biker Group as a company and the new specialist walking floor HGV will assist in ensuring the highest standards of safety are met. Crucially, the walking floor within the rigid body enables goods to be removed without tipping the body. This eliminates the risks that standard HGV tippers have to be cautious of on a day to day basis whilst tipping, such as colliding with overhead obstructing cables and the risk of the truck tipping over when unloading on uneven ground.

Biker Group’s Haulage team also anticipates that its clients will benefit from the industry leading efficiency that the truck has to offer. Fundamentally, the elimination of tipping will deliver enhanced manoeuvrability that will enable the fleet to complete haulage deliveries in tight spaces, including sheds and tunnels.


Biker Group’s haulage division

Biker Group has a well-respected reputation throughout the North as specialists in transporting sand & aggregates to the construction and related industries. In addition to a superb fleet, the division is also supported by highly experienced traffic managers and the use of sophisticated GPS technology. Now, the division is even stronger thanks to the introduction of our new state-of-the-art Volvo specialist walking floor HGV truck.

Biker Group can offer unrivalled haulage services for construction, manufacturing, energy, recycling, quarrying, and many other UK industries. You can get more details by contacting a member of the Biker haulage team today on 01969 623020 or [email protected].


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