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Corporate Responsibility

Biker Group are dedicated to making sure our services are the best they can be:

Health & Safety

Biker Group is committed to providing safe working conditions for all employees, subcontractors and all those affected by its actions. The company operates HSG65 Health and Safety Management System.

We accept responsibility to take all necessary steps to ensure that all systems of work are as safe as reasonably practicable and all equipment is maintained in a safe condition and operated correctly.

Biker Group continually invests in the training of employees to ensure they co-operate with the management in complying with all current health and safety legislation.

Quality Management

The company operates a Quality Management System and has attained the internationally recognised standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

Our quality management systems ensure our clients receive the highest quality products and services available.

Biker Group is committed to continually develop and improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and enhance customer satisfaction.


At Biker Group we fully recognise our environmental responsibilities and are heavily committed to reducing the impact our activities have on the environment. We operate a management system and have attained internationally recognised BS EN ISO 14001 certification.

Biker Group is committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution. In this respect, environmental laws and codes of practice are regarded as minimum standards of environmental performance.


Biker Group recognises the impact our business has upon the economic, environmental and social wellbeing of the communities we operate in.

We acknowledge the view that sustainable development should meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

The company will continue to strive for improvement in our methods of promoting sustainable development.   

We have been proactive in investing significant amounts of money to make our head office facilities more sustainable. Solar panels have been installed to provide electricity and our timber waste from the joinery workshop is burnt in a biomass boiler to heat all the premises.