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Volumix Concrete

Biker Group’s Volumix Concrete division specialises in the supply and delivery of high quality fresh ready mix concrete across the North East and North Yorkshire.

Our concrete is mixed on site using the latest technology in volumetric concrete mixers, making Biker Group the first choice for a cost-effective and reliable service.

Volumetric is the most eco-friendly and efficient way to mix concrete. You only mix the quantity you need meaning there is no waste, as you cannot over order or under order. The volumetric truck can deliver a mix to the desired specifications quickly and accurately at any time. Our fleet of volumetric trucks operate from our Leyburn, Thirsk and Catterick depots and across North Yorkshire


Out of hours are expensive. The volumetric mixer makes night and weekend work more cost effective for the customer as there are no inflated costs associated with out of hours opening of conventional ready mix plants. Our out of hours service at nights and weekends means that we can extend our working area further afield.


Biker Group Volumix carry out regular calibration checks and yield tests on their fleet of volumetric mixers, this coupled with regular cube testing of all available concrete mixes ensures that the concrete delivered is consistently of a high standard. Biker Group use 0/4mp concrete sand, 4/20mm graded gravel, CEM1 52.5n cement and additives when required, ensures a consistent high quality concrete mix is produced.

Fresh Concrete Every Time

As the concrete is made on site the last mix out is of the same high quality as the first mix, this aids in the placement and finishing of the concrete. The water/cement ratio is exact, there is never a requirement to add additional water to a mix this means the concrete can achieve its peak strength. For every 5/6 litres of water added there is a loss of 2/3 Newton strength of the finished concrete.

Multiple Mixes & Slumps

If the job requires different specifications you can have up to 10 different mixes in any one delivery, all in varying consistencies as required. The mix can go from wet to dry then back to wet again.

Domestic Concrete

Whether your job is an extension, garage, conservatory or just a shed base, Biker Group Volumix can provide the right mix for you. Our ability to create smaller amounts of concrete means that we can provide the amount you need with no waste.

Commercial Concrete

From foundations to silage clamp floors Biker Group Volumix can provide a mix for your application. We can offer any technical advice you may need to complete your project.

Concrete Mix Specs - General

C8/10 – Kerbs & backing, fence posts & general use; blinding, mass concrete fill, un-reinforced strip, pad and trench fill foundations
C16/20 – House floors with no embedded metal, internal floor slabs
C25 – Footings/foundations & groundwork
C30 – House drives, domestic and external parking, footpaths
C35 – Heavy duty external paving slabs
C40 – Agricultural use

Interlocking Concrete Lego Blocks

- Perfect to build custom storage bays, partition walls, security blocks and retaining walls
- Size: 1600 x 800 x 800
- Half sized blocks available at 800 x 400 x 400
- Each block weighs approximately 2400kg
- Made from high quality fresh concrete
- Collection only from Dalton, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 3HE
- Supplied with lifting pins in the top of each block
- Please call 01969 623020 for more details