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Biker Group Concrete supply innovative and game-changing material


Biker Group’s Concrete Division are delighted to announce the exclusive stockist territory rights in their area for Longfloor IntergraCure, a revolutionary development for liquid cement screeds. Longfloor IntegraCure is a high-performance cement based, free flowing, self-compacting liquid screed established by Longcliffe Quarries.

Longlfoor is part of Longcliffe Quarries, the UK’s largest independent producer of calcium carbonate (limestone), powders, a company with a 90 year old history of quarrying and grinding high purity Derbyshire limestone.



The introduction of the Longfloor IntergraCure product to the ever progressing  department within Biker Group forms another key chapter in the 5 year strategy for the Concrete Division. Operations Manager, Sam Biker adds “the Longfloor IntergraCure liquid screed is an exciting addition and broadens our range of specialist mixes. It was imperative to select a product that is in keeping with our ethos as a Division and a Business, that of delivering a high quality product and service, and I am confident Longfloor IntegraCure will be all of that and more.




Since the introduction of horizontally laid self-compacting concretes some 20 years ago and more recently, cementitious flowing screeds, these materials have all been bound by the same problem – the need to use a spray applied curing agent. The curing agent is required to stop the material drying out too quickly which could result in plastic shrinkage cracking. It is a process reliant on selecting the correct curing agent for the product and application, ensuring the application equipment is of the right standard and the material is sprayed at the correct dosage. More often than not, one or more of these processes does not take place, resulting in issues. IntegraCure® completely removes this process from the installation of the screed.

Daniel Moore, Concrete Manager believes “The addition of the integral curing agent within the product not only increases the quality and versatility of the screed but importantly saves time and added expense for our customers. It is a truly innovative and game changing material that will also create further jobs within our Division of the Business coupled with further investment in vehicles and equipment. Exciting times are ahead”.



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