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A Guide To Volumix Concrete

Volumetric technology is the way that concrete should be produced – we can batch, measure, mix and dispense all from one unit. Find out exactly how Biker Group produce fresh and high-strength concrete when and wherever it is needed.


Biker Group’s Volumix Concrete division specialises in the supply and delivery of high quality fresh concrete across the North East and North Yorkshire. Our concrete is mixed on-site using the latest technology in volumetric concrete mixers – making Biker Group the first choice for a cost-effective and reliable service.

Volumetric concrete mixers are the most eco-friendly and efficient way to mix and deliver concrete. We only mix the quantity you need, meaning there is no waste, as you cannot over order or under order. The volumetric truck can deliver a mix to the chosen specifications quickly and accurately at any time.


What is it?

A volumetric concrete mixer is a mobile truck mixer and concrete batching plant rolled into one. The machine contains all the required concrete materials which are then mixed together later on site, using the truck’s innovative mechanics, to deliver the exact amount of concrete needed for the job at hand. All of the raw materials are stored in separate compartments until a mix is required.

The mechanics used on the vehicle is a mixing device that is specially designed to measure the raw materials in the vehicle by measuring the volume of the material rather than the weight. The volumetric mixing process starts with a batch metering system that allows the volume of raw materials to be measured prior to entering the mixing chamber, which helps avoid waste of expensive materials.


How is it done?

ready mix concrete

Biker Group Volumix Concrete team carry out regular calibration and yield checks on our fleet of volumetric concrete mixers along with frequent cube testing to ensure a consistent quality is being produced.

Thanks to the built-in measuring system of our volumetric concrete mixers, the water to cement ratio is guaranteed to be exact. We therefore never need to add additional water to the mix, resulting in the concrete reaching its peak strength.


How can Biker Group help you?

If you have a job that requires different specifications, Biker Group can provide you with up to 10 different concrete mixes on site at any one time to help deliver concrete of a variety of different consistencies. Whether the job is a large extension or a smaller shed base you can be assured that we can provide a high quality and professional service at a competitive price.
The volumix concrete division has developed into a significant facet of Biker Group, with the resources to undertake a wide range of projects. You can find out more information by contacting a member of the Biker Group Concrete division today on 01969 623020 or [email protected].


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